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Terry A. Sayre


I have experienced a

lifetime of Change.

Change Happens!

  There are a few things we can all count on and change is one of them.  When we are faced with change we can either move forward or resist. In the midst of change, we can choose either proactive or

self-destructive behaviors. 

Let me support you in negotiating and embracing change. Whether in your career, relationships or daily journey, change CAN help and propel you to be your best YOU. 

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You're my ideal personal development client...


… if you are facing change and are stuck...

... if you are resisting change...

… if you want clarity about your life purpose...

… if you can't seem to get out of your own way...

… if you feel "Time" is running out...


That's what I do, I walk beside you, guide and coach you to a state of willingness to start the work that can result in clarity.

I will give you content, exercises and strategies to make choices and to respond rather than to react in challenging situations. Change can be negotiated successfully. It's time to let go of resistance, gain clarity and embrace change.

You're my ideal professional development (personal or organization), client...


… if you are facing change and resisting...

… if you've lost clarity on your purpose or passion...

… if your team is facing challenges with the 4C's of leadership

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity

  • Critical thinking/problem-solving...

… if efficiency and effectiveness need a boost in your organization...


That's what I do, I coach you and your team to a state of awareness and willingness to work toward an efficient, effective and productive organization. I can provide proven content, exercises, and strategies that are customized to your needs. My clients include corporations, government agencies, and small business owners.

What my clients are saying...

I was at a crossroads in my professional career. I felt 'stuck', unable to make sense of all of the what-ifs that were whirling around in my head.  Terry Sayre, my life coach extraordinaire, worked with me for a few short months and I emerged as a courageous businesswoman, confident in my ability to move forward in a bold career move.  Kudos to Terry!  She is the best!

~Ruth Medlen Business Woman

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